Thursday, 1 September 2011


Nothing for days. The fog still hasn't cleared up, but aside from that, there's been no masked men, so Slender Man. Maybe they're apprehensive over what happened to the last two.

But there's still a tension in the air. It's almost like a physical pressure. Every glance out of the window begs for the reassurance of seeing something. But no. There's no way he's not here. We just can't see him.

The hospital has been feeling very empty these last few days. Fewer and fewer staff every day. And I don't think we've seen other patients since Monday. They've even let us stay here, instead of at the hotel, which saves time. It also means that there are people here to protect Lianne. Not that we could, not really. Every one of us got lucky that night, with the exception of Roland. They have the savage mania of madness, and we have only fear.

Either way, I doubt that whatever does happen will be something we can fight.

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