Tuesday, 30 August 2011


There's a thick fog out at the moment. Been there all day. Completely surrounding the hospital. I feel intensely claustrophobic. We couldn't even see the treeline from here.

Unfortunate memories of playing Silent Hill at too young an age aren't helping.


  1. You remember the creatures that would crawl from the fog? The unfortunate protagonist would try so valiantly to beat them off, and the screen would shake and turn red as they slowly died.

    I hope you aren't seeing red, dear. I really do.

  2. That's...not particularly supportive right now, sweetie.

    Thanks for your concern though.

  3. The point is that it's a game.

    In the end, we don't have the fucked up controls like in the games. We have more control, we have the choice. And I'm so sorry if it came off wrong.

  4. Silent hill still scares me, so you have my sympathies. Even though all of this has happened it doesn't stop providing more nightmare fuel. :p

    Keep safe.


  5. @Dia: You're right. It's a game. It exists in a safe little work that we can turn on and off at will, and that we know isn't real.
    And while not having to walk everywhere like a broken shopping trolley is nice and all, the fact is, here, we could die. That's the difference.
    @Lucas. Thanks, dude. We'll try.