Friday, 26 August 2011


Lianne's in surgery right now. Her antibiotics have been taking effect, but her arm's still be hurting with every movement. They took a look around in there yesterday, and it turns out the glass shattered inside her arm.

We should have noticed. So distracted by the fucking proxy. And right now, she has tiny shards of glass deep in her arm, and whenever she moves it, the shards dig in deeper, cutting away at her muscles. She hardly even complained until it was too much for her to take.

Of course, now it's not just disinfection. She's being operated on. We're in one place way too long. Roland's back keeping his knife on him at all times. He might find us, assuming his dogs don't get here first.

In the meantime, Natalie's spitting venom. She's been reading up on the blogs, and there's some prominent blogger who's accusing one of her old friends, who's now a runner from the same event that pushed her away, of kidnapping and torturing her. She barely even knows who she's angry at - she can't believe this Kari girl would do that, and yet she's halfway convinced, muttering that she's "lost her fucking mind, I always knew losing Simon would do this to her." Earlier, she tried to convince Shannon to have us go meet up with her. The most obvious issue is that she's in America, so that's not happening. That she's apparently a psychotic torturer comes...a close second.

Either way, it's keeping her mind off Lianne. She's still in a fragile state. It's amazing how strong she can be at times - it still amazes me - but she depends on Lianne, as someone to look up to. Her and Rachel both do.

And now she's hurt, and we're in one place for far too long.

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  1. Oh, that poor thing. Let her read this.

    Sweetie, I'm fine. I'm just getting to the bottom of this. Searching for answers.

    Maybe I WILL meet up with you all, come and introduce myself! Won't THAT be a nice reunion?