Saturday, 6 August 2011

Surviving the Night

We camped where we were in the end. It was a risk. No-one slept well, and we all had on us our mediocre selection of weapons, as provided from Roland's...intimidating collection. All Ka-Bar weapons. Roland swears by them. The rest are in an SUV owned by Shannon, parked inbetween the city we're walking to and the town we last stayed at. Two or three days' walk, depending on whether some dickless little squirt of shit hurts his ickle leg again. Petrol's too expensive, and it's well parked as a supply cache, assuming some asshole doesn't rob it.

We move around a lot. We'll be back for it in a while.

Even though it was daylight, and the combination of visibility and witnesses made any real danger unlikely, Natalie, Shannon's second-in-command, still had her knife on hand as we walked through the woods this morning. It's dangerous. We can legally have these knives on us - we're campers to all intents and purposes, and the knives' blades are under ten inches - but the last thing we want is an oversuspicious policeman checking Roland or Natalie's tent bags. There's more than poles and canvas kept in there.

Fortunately, our assailant never showed as we feared he would. He's been following us for about two weeks, but we couldn't tell you what he looked like. He's wearing something over his face. Roland thinks he caught a glimpse of someone disappearing behind a wall two days ago, and that it was tall, in a brown leather jacket, but we can't be sure if it's just him or if we're just being paranoid. But we know he's there.

The centre of his obsession is Steve. We don't know if it's the weakest-of-the-pack thing, or it it's something else. But yesterday morning, about a minute after he woke, Steve was panicking, though he wouldn't tell us what it was about.

Rachel says she saw him slipping a piece of paper into the fire we were cooking on.

The biggest problem is that there's no way this guy is not connected with the other, bigger threat.

When you're travelling all day, and this light, you make do with what space you have. Even more so if you need this stuff on hand. To be honest, all you need is money and a passport, but one of those is easier than the other. And neither will make us safe.

Typing on a phone is a hassle. I'll see if I can get near a library with PCs when we reach the city.

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